visualizes what’s hot on Twitter & Team Hot Wheels World Record Jump — WB 120

“A new blog obsession, a site that visualizes Twitter trends – and a web tool that can retrieve stolen laptops and phones! T Guy retrieves laptop with ‘Hidden' app Joshua kaufman's macbook was stolen in March. Luckily, he installed an app called ‘Hidden' which finds the location of your computer, collects photos through the webcam, and screenshots when the computer is in use. So, with the help of HiddenApp, Joshua was able to bring pictures of the suspect – and the location of the macbook – to his police department, who arrested the suspect just a couple of days ago. Now, all I'm hoping is that this is not some viral marketing stunt for HiddenApp! Hot wheels world record jump This is the yellow driver for team hot wheels, dropping 10 stories down 90 feet of orange track, and soarin

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