Stand out from the crowd

If you aren't using Twitter marketing for your business, then you aren't getting the maximum amount of money you could from your efforts.  It's simple and quick to generate tons of extra leads with only a few minutes a day with Twitter.  One aspect that you should overlook with Twitter is standing out from the crowd.  You want people to look at you like you're something more then every other marketer.  There are few ways you can achieve this.

The first method is customizing your profile page.  It's simple to do and can bring great benefits when you do it.  Click into the settings panel and you will see a tab for “Design”.  In this tab, you will be able to change things like the background, text color, etc.  Not looking like every other Twitter user out there is going to show your new followers that you care enough to put the effort in.  This is great to help build that trust quickly within your market.

I always suggest changing your background first thing.  Make it relevant to your niche and appealing to your crowd.  Don't even start adding followers until you do this.  You will just be missing out on followers that would of listened to what you say.

You can also add text or your company symbol to the background.  There is a little space to the left and the top of the background that you could make like a business card.  Give your contact info or add your website url.  This is just another way for you following to find where you want them to go.

You need to add a profile picture that is relevant to your niche as well.  No one likes to follow a generic profile pictures especially if this person is trying to sell them something.  If you are the owner of your business, definitely put up a picture of your smiling face.  This shows your following who they are talking to and will help build your reputation.

In (product/link), I show you step by step instructions to maximize this process.  You can get hundreds of hungry buyers with Twitter, and that's what I've gone over for you in (product/link).