Jack Dorsey: The 3 Keys to Twitter’s Success

About this presentation Jack Dorsey outlines three core takeaways from his experiences building and launching Twitter — and more recently — Square, a simple payment utility. 1) Draw: get your idea out of your head and share it, 2) Luck: assess when the time (and the market) is right to execute your idea, 3) Iterate: take in the feedback, be a rigorous editor, and refine your idea. Watch more videos here: 0:25 – The concept behind Twitter has been in Jack's head since he was 15 and was inspired by maps, ambulances, and taxis 2:11 – “I had this rich sense of how the metropolis was living and breathing… but there was one missing part: my friends.” 3:00 – The first lesson: Draw. The most important thing you can do with an idea: get it out of your head 3:16 –

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