How can you use twitter in your business?

Twitter is an extremely popular social networking platform in this day and age.  Any business man or woman would be stupid not to market using Twitter.  There are more then just one ways to reach your audience with Twitter though.  You don't just have to be selling them something.

Twitter has many uses within your business.  Of course, the first one that pops into mind would be direct communication with your followers.  You can talk directly to them building your relationship and the trust needed to have more buyers.  This type of communication is useful when you want to direct them somewhere.  When you get a large following, this can be extremely powerful.

You can also use your employees to spread your word faster.  This is indirect marketing.  Get your employees talking or outsource to others.  Having 10 people talk about your product or service is much more powerful then you spreading the word yourself.  I also recommend having all your employees have the same word in their user name.  This way when people talk to them, they know that they are related to your business.

You should also be using Twitter to listen.  This is very important if you want to edge out your competition.  See what people are saying about your company and your competitors.  It's easy to find what your following wants by just asking.

There are many ways to take advantage of Twitter within your business. Don't just use one method to generate buzz about your business.  You need to combine all of these methods.  Without a following, you aren't going to reach anyone.  This is why getting the right followers and lots of them is so important for you to make money.  (Product HEre) is a great solution to getting traffic to your Twitter profile quick.  It will show you every step of the way to generate tons of buyers and in a short amount of time.