Hootsuite Tutorial – The Easiest Way to Get Value From Twitter

– SUPPORT ME 🙂 Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment – Thank you!!! My Entrepreneur Tool this week is Hootsuite, my favourite website for managing and getting value from my Twitter account. Transcript Hi I'm Evan Carmichael. Welcome to another edition of entrepreneur tools where I highlight my favorite tools that I used to run my business. Today I'm going to talk about one of my favorite apps that I use on my iPad called Hootsuite. The website version is very helpful to manage my Twitter account when I'm on my laptop or at my desktop at the office. But I find when I'm mobile at a conference or a coffee shop and I want to connect on Twitter, Hootsuite is my go-to app. I'm going to quickly show you how I use

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