Getting Followers to Listen to What you have to Say

It's very important if you are involved in Twitter marketing (which you should be?) to get people talking about you and your business.  You don't want your tweets just going out into the air with no one to pick them up.  It's simple to get a good following in Twitter but you have to put forth some effort.

There are lots of ways to get people talking.  I always like to just ask them questions.  What are their questions?  What problems do they have in your niche?  What would they like to see for answers in your niche?  All of these things get people talking about what you are doing.

Answering questions and giving solutions is the best way to build your reputation very quickly in any market.  When people see that you can give them what they are looking for, they are going to spread the word.  That's the most powerful aspect of Twitter..the retweet.

When you give good information and someone tells their friends, you have the possibility to shoot your message out to the world.  You can receive thousands of followers very quickly with a good message.  It's not hard to build trust with new followers when they see so many others talking about what you have to say.

Another great way to get followers talking about you is to bring up controversy.  Don't always follow the same old path.  Find an issue in your niche that others might not agree with you on and state your case.  Make sure you can back it up with why you believe the way you do or this will back fire on you.  You don't want to come across as an idiot, now do you?  Controversy can get authority figures chiming in as well.  Once you have the big players talking about you, you are set.

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