Finding the right followers

It's pretty simple to use Twitter and get thousands of random followers in a very short amount of time.  This is what most automation software applications do.  But, is this traffic going to help your sales?  More then likely not.  You want targeted followers who are interested in what you have to say.  It's not hard to find these followers either.  It might just take 15 more minutes of your day.

As with any marketer, you are looking for buyers.  You want to be in the head of the buyer.  What are their problems?  What would they want to search for to find their solution?  What are you offering to better their solution?  Questions like this are what is going to drive your sales through the roof.

Search for your buyers keywords when you are looking for targeted followers.  Let's say we are looking for someone to buy my gardening tool I sell on Amazon.  I would want to search for those that need that tool for what they like to do.  My gardening tool might help rip the roots of weeds out of the ground much faster then by hand.  So search for gardeners who are having trouble with weeds.  Or those who have arthritis but don't want to give up gardening because they love it.  All these examples are going to bring up lots of buyers.

You can find the right followers using many tools too.  There is the normal Twitter Search which will bring you more then enough targeted followers.  There are also twitter directories, hashtags, lists, and much more to help find those followers.  Use each of these methods to get the maximum results.

I've put together (product/link) to show you how to do this.  It gives you a step by step guide.  There will be no simpler method then what I've give you in (product/link).  So, if you are serious aboutdeveloping your business, then I suggest you check this out.