Diagnostic Software Upgrade 16.2 | Snap-on® Tools

When you buy a Snap-on® diagnostic tool, you’re making an investment in becoming the best technician you can be. https://www1.snapon.com/diagnostics/us/Software Software Upgrade 16.2 Keeping your tool’s software up-to-date maximizes your investment, ensuring you always have the latest codes, tests, tips and data to handle every challenge that rolls into the bay. This Software Upgrade applies to the VERUS, VERDICT, SOLUS, MODIS and ETHOS families. Software Subscription https://www1.snapon.com/diagnostics/us/theprogram Snap-on Diagnostic Platforms https://www1.snapon.com/diagnostics/us/DiagnosticPlatforms.htm Connect with us! TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Snapon_Tools FACEBOOK:

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